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A New Zealand company, MZEE designs and develops innovative products to support business outcomes. We offer a team of educationalists, interactive designers, system analysts and web developers to create bespoke solutions that develop staff capability and drive business performance. 


At MZEE, we work to support businesses by thinking creatively and developing customised solutions that inspire performance gains. Our aim is to work alongside businesses to:

  • Identify development opportunities to upskill their people
  • Utilise everyday technologies to enhance knowledge transmission
  • Translate improvements in knowledge and skills into task and process performance gains.

MZEE started life as Creative Family, a company formed in 2004 to support adult learning in the workplace. Initially, we focused on producing resources to support on-job learning. These resources had to meet a range of learner needs in different industries. A key feature of these resources was our instructional design and embedding of literacy and numeracy supports.

As our reputation for quality resources grew, we then expanded into developing e-learning systems. We built our own learning management system to deliver health and safety training of individual companies to their staff, visitors and contractors.

Since then, we create our own bespoke solutions to improve business performance and mitigate risk. We strongly believe businesses need effective tools that make systems and records easy to administer and empower staff to work at their full potential.

With a strong team, we bring together our unique skills in a cohesive way to deliver client outcomes.